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Вы здесь » Идеальная кукла » Жизнь форума. О нас » РАДИКАЛ.РУ не работает с 10.03.22!!!

РАДИКАЛ.РУ не работает с 10.03.22!!!

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Поскольку на фотохостинге форума фото тоже могут исчезать,то рекомендуем пользоваться сторонними хостингами во избежание утери фотоматериалов!


Более-менее удобный хостинг

Можно загружать фото по несколько штук, можно зарегиться и создавать галереи. Редактора нет.


Ok, what do you have?
Sasha, don't rush. Anna Dmitrievna is right, we need money, and in this way we can earn it without leaving home.
- Oh…
By itself, the topic of transsexuals on a subconscious level means for me not only oral caresses, but also anal sex itself. This topic has not bypassed me, and although I have never had full-fledged anal sex (with my passive role, I took girls in the ass), but prostate stimulation is bliss on a completely different level.
In this story, I will go back a little, more precisely before the New Year. At this time, I met a man older than me, maybe my dad's age. He was married, but adored me, I confess, too, loved him to madness. Not because he is very handsome or very rich, although he had the latter quality, no, but because he answered all my requirements. Not to mention the material, and those requirements in sex. And I have many.
Oh, it's not a religion at all. answered Ryan It's a way of life. Religious people kill each other, hate, fear and despise. We are trying to live in harmony and love.
When we left the room, happy and satisfied, offered. Who wants to try also. For everyone to see!!! Nobody dared to do this.
His cheeks burned with shame.
Are you sure?
Girls want to drink more? Smiling asked me.

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Вы здесь » Идеальная кукла » Жизнь форума. О нас » РАДИКАЛ.РУ не работает с 10.03.22!!!